Fordyce Spots on Labia Minora – An Information Overview

Do you belong to the three quarters of the population that suffers from little yellow bumps on the surface of their skin, especially in the genital area? Don’t worry too much about these granules. It is some thing common and requires proper treatment. An overall view which enables you to understand the actual facts about Fordyce Spots treatmetns will infuse confidence in you. These small raised bumps may affect lips, nipples or other parts of the body. There is a valid reason to feel insecure as people are self-conscious about their genital organ .Though it is not harmful it is bothersome and embarrassing to have it your body. These bumps are taken for a STD i.e. sexually transmitted disease. The Latin word Labia mean lips. When you examine your labia for a STD, You may notice small bumps on your lips. These white or yellowish granules are produced by entopic sebaceous glands that exist on the lips and are present on the vermillion border and inner surface of the lips.

Pearly Penile Papules is normally mistaken as Fordyce Spots .Learn about Pearly Penile Papules home treatment

Fordyce Spots are small white bumps and the medical term for this condition is called Sebaceous Prominence. Men get this disease on their penis and think that they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease and take it for a serious health condition. These granules may appear on any part of the body, most often on the glens or shaft of the penis in a female they are found on the labia or around the mouth. They may occur on the genitals of both men and women .Checking the disease up with a doctor and consulting him to know about the facts go a long way in getting a clear view of the disease.